Spain: We don’t owe, we won’t pay

Article publicat a la revista britànica Red Pepper al Març de 2013 (Escrit al Desembre de 2012) – En anglès

Article published in british magazine Red Pepper in March 2013 (written in December 2012)

Protesters target a bank – the signs say ‘Stop evictions’. Photo: Fotomovimiento

The impact on the Spanish people of the financial crisis and austerity gets steadily worse. Social and economic rights are systematically violated to prioritise debt repayments. As banks are bailed out, public debt increases, and in order to meet deficit limits imposed by the EU social spending is cut. The 2013 budget provides for a 34 per cent increase in debt interest payments, more than £32 billion, at the same time that health expenditure is being cut by 22 per cent, education by 18 per cent and the women’s equality budget by 35 per cent. The consequence is greatly increasing poverty and inequality. Continua llegint «Spain: We don’t owe, we won’t pay»